CCF News

CCF News

Hockerill CCF engaged in a joint adventure with King Edward Grammar School enhancing and fostering relationships. The experiences and lessons learned over the weekend were truly invaluable.

The variety of activities offered provided us with a well-rounded learning experience, allowing all cadets to develop new skills, strengthen teamwork, and foster camaraderie. Each activity brought its own unique set of challenges and rewards, basic fieldcraft such as basha building, cooking, fire and manoeuvres plus a night ambush.

Most importantly, the weekend served as a reminder of the bonds that unite the team. The sense of camaraderie helping to reinforce the contingent's commitment to each other and to the values of the CCF.

During half term one of our cadets LCpl Greta Osmond attended a military senior Cadet Instructors Course, in Colchester gaining a credible pass. Which now enables LCpl Greta to be able to plan and deliver fieldcraft lessons under minimum supervision.  Congratulations Greta!