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Junior boarders flourish in the homely atmospheres of Canterbury, Durham and Winchester, receiving all the individual attention they need. Senior boarders live in Thames and Roding Houses, where they mature rapidly, form close friendships, take on responsibilities and discover new talents. 

House common rooms provide comfortable, modern living spaces for socialising, relaxing, listening to music and watching television or DVDs, with various games and pastimes being available in individual Houses, such as table football, table tennis, pool, games consoles and various games. Printing facilities are available for boarders’ use and a wireless intranet enables filtered access to the College system, email and the Internet anywhere within the Houses. On certain nights of the week optional sports activities are on offer after Prep, such as football, fitness training, dance and basketball. 

Houses have their own private gardens where barbecues, garden games and other events are held in finer weather. The College grounds are pleasantly landscaped and there is ample green space which the boarders enjoy in the Summer

Comfortable bedrooms are provided to all boarders. The number of students residing in a room together is usually dependent on the age of the students. For example, younger students are more likely to share larger dormitories whereas students in the Sixth Form either share with one other roommate or have a room to themselves. Each residential boarder is provided with a lockable wardrobe and safe. 

The College Refectory provides boarders with a selection of nutritious and balanced meals. Each House also have their own kitchens equipped with modern appliances including fridges, dishwashers, hobs, ovens, microwaves, filtered water coolers, kettles, toasters, etc. It is here that afternoon and evening snacks and drinks are served and where boarders can store their food and prepare snacks under staff supervision. 

Up-to-date shower and toilet facilities are provided and there is an excellent laundry service available for boarders. 

All Houses share a busy timetable. After a morning call, students meet for breakfast in the College Refectory, followed by individual House routines. Boarders then join day students in the College for registration and lessons. After the academic day, boarders may book out to the local town, participate in one of the approximately 100 clubs and activities on offer or simply relax and enjoy the company of their friends in House. 

For many students the structure of boarding life is especially helpful for studying. Each weekday evening and for a short period of time on Sunday mornings, each House has a supervised Prep period where it is expected that boarders undertake any additional work required of them which teaching staff have set

At weekends, all Houses participate in a programme of activities, including trips to London and Cambridge, Paintballing, visits to Theme Parks and High Ropes courses, and it is on these occasions that the strength of the boarding community is clearly evident. Sixth form boarders are given greater freedom to make their own weekend plans, such as a visit to London, Cambridge or the local town for a meal, although these must be approved and monitored by staff. There are a number of designated exeat weekends when boarders are encouraged to spend the weekend visiting parents, friends or educational guardians in the UK. Visitors and overseas parents are always welcome at the College. 

The spiritual side of College life plays a very important role. Hockerill welcomes all religious denominations and encourages respect for personal faith and traditions. Boarders are free to attend any of the services at local places of worship