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Introduction to the Boarding Houses

There are five comfortable and well-maintained boarding houses, providing high quality accommodation for boarders aged between 11 and 18 years.

Winchester - Year 7-10 Girls

Canterbury - Year 7-8 Boys

Durham - Year 9-10 Boys

Roding - Year 11-13 Girls

Thames - Year 11-13 Boys

Although each of the boarding Houses is unique in character, they all aim to provide an environment that will safeguard and promote the welfare, happiness and proper physical and emotional development of students, as well as protecting them from the risk of harm or neglect.

The Heads of House and their teams are committed to ensuring that boarders receive a high standard of sensitive pastoral care within a warm, safe and friendly community that celebrates traditional values and where boarders can develop a sense of pride, loyalty and belonging to their House. They aim to engender an atmosphere of social responsibility and a respect for the individual, to build confidence and motivation and to promote self-worth.

Boarders are taught to value their time, to appreciate the need for personal organisation, to develop a sense of purpose and to be self-motivated. Success in the boarding community is acknowledged through the House Status System, which awards privileges and allocates responsibilities. 

Each boarder has their own personal House Tutor to whom they are able to turn for guidance and support and who maintains a broad overview of their progress in House and monitors their academic performance in College.

Various ‘student voice’ committees provide boarders with forums for discussion and debate about matters relating to their boarding experience. Houses appoint Prefects and House Captains and the students themselves have an important role in running and organising the Houses. 
Junior boarders flourish in the homely atmospheres of Canterbury, Durham and Winchester, receiving all the individual attention they need. Senior boarders live in Thames and Roding Houses, where they mature rapidly, form close friendships, take on responsibilities and discover new talents.