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Art helps students to be creative, imaginative and experimental.

Through art, students can explore a wide range of topics including their own identity and surroundings. Communicating without words is a life skill. Learners are taught the technical language of art (form, line, tone, texture, pattern and perspective) and the weird and wonderful (abstract and conceptual art).

The Art Department supports the school's ethos of developing inspiring, knowledge, enquiring and caring global citizens through academic excellence within our broad & balanced curriculum by promoting our core values. 


We aim to inspire children to create outcomes that are skillful, thought provoking, creative and exciting.

Learners will explore a wide range of media and techniques with the belief that they will discover a process that they enjoy and love. By studying a diverse range of artworks, students can understand and appreciate the skills, originality and meaning that amazing artworks embody.  


The Art Department encourages student-centered learning.

Unit Plans and Schemes of Work are designed to give students the opportunities to make decisions and take projects in their own direction. The older the student, the greater freedom they have to explore topics of their own choosing and take developments into experiments which suit them and their style while communicating intentions successfully. Such an approach develops in the learner an independence and freedom that prepares them for later life. 

The curriculum is designed as a spiral curriculum which enables students to build upon prior knowledge while preparing for the next stage. As well as having the knowledge to create accomplished work, a goal is for students to be able to discuss art with informed opinion in an eloquent manner. To facilitate this, students learn about a broad range of media, processes and artworks. Such artworks range from those produced by the world-renowned Henry Moore (we are lucky to be based only a short distance from the Henry Moore Foundation) to Frida Kahlo, via art from the Islamic traditions.