Language College

"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart" said Nelson Mandela

This encapsulates the fundamental reason why we believe that learning languages should be at the centre of every community. Language learning and the resulting greater understanding and curiosity has the potential to change the fabric of communities, not only in the multilingual and international environment of London and the surrounding areas but everywhere where people come together regardless of their origin and linguistic background.

For many years Hockerill College has encouraged and supported foreign language learning in the community and will continue to do so in the future. We are always available to advise colleagues and offer collaboration on special events. Apart from language acquisition our aim is to raise an interest in foreign languages and cultures, change attitudes towards foreign languages and prevent inhibitions in young learners. 


Language Learning in the Community

The Language College is committed to the provision of language learning in our local community.

This provision is varied and reflects a commitment to lifelong learning from primary school through to adult education.  

The Language College's long established Primary language classes provide extra tuition in French, Italian, Mandarin, and Spanish  for local children. Classes run once a week and their enormous popularity confirms our strong belief that young people find language learning not only enjoyable but also inspiring. For class registration details see the registration box on the home page from April to the end of June. 

Additionally, we offer foreign language adult evening classes here at the College in Spanish, French, Italian, and Japanese which enjoy great popularity and provide not only our own parents but all members of the local community the opportunity to benefit from our expertise in teaching foreign languages. These communicational classes enable first timers to start learning a new language and also allow those with language skills to maintain or develop them further in a friendly and stimulating environment. Registration for these classes is also via our home page from July to September. 

The aim is to show that language learning is fun and communicating can be easy. The teachers use our target language method and our sixth formers help in class, providing useful experience for them and extra fun for the younger ones. The classes cost £45 per year. The registration system is on our home page under ' Primary School Classes ' from the end of April until the end of June when registration will be closed. 

After registration please call 01279 658451, ask for the Finance Department and make the payment for the class you have chosen via a debit or credit card. Your registration will not be complete until payment is made.

Please note that attendance at a language class in Year 5 and/or 6 is not taken into account should you decide to apply for a Year 7 place for your child at Hockerill. The published oversubscription criteria are used should there be more applicants than places available.

For further information please contact Chris Smith on 01279 713946 


Registration for our Primary and Adult Language Classes for September 2020

We are reviewing our procedures during this period of lockdown always mindful of government guidelines which of course are changing as we learn more about the COVID 19 virus.  Regarding the Primary Classes and the Adult classes  we have decided to delay registration until future national planning is clearer so that we can put in place any social distancing policies needed which may of course have an impact on class sizes and timings. 

 We will publish any information we have, here on our website, as to how we will move forward. Please do continue to look here regularly for further news. 

Thank you for your interest in the classes.