Hockerill 2020

We are passionate that every student who comes to Hockerill fulfils their potential,both academically and beyond the classroom. The journey through Hockerill should be a wonderful experience and our new buildings are designed to make it even better.

Hockerill Anglo-European College is committed to nurturing remarkable young people. We want our students to benefit from first-rate teaching facilities and have the opportunity to learn in state of the art facilities.  Our ambitious development project seeks to make the learning environment at Hockerill as inspiring as it can possibly be.

We hope these new buildings will inspire you to consider donating. Your help could make all the difference in supporting the next generation of students through this exceptional College, securing its future for generations to come.



Vision 2020 - SCIENCE

Under development



Vision 2020 - SPORTS

Under development



Vision 2020 - SIXTH FORM

Under development