Hockerill Parents and Friends

HPF is all about helping and supporting the College. Below is an outline of part of our activities, but for up to date information and news we have a facebook page to circulate information about current events. Please click here to access it.


HPF is a forum of people who come together for two reasons: helping and supporting the College and getting together socially. These two go together seamlessly at most of the events we organise, such as Comedy Night, Candlelight Supper or the annual Christmas Market. Other events are purely social and can range from themed evenings to a casual get together in a local bar or restaurant.

We give a little of our time to ensure the College and the students have the means to buy those things which statutory funding and other funds do not quite run to - and we have some fun at the same time! We encourage parents/carers to join us and help raise as much money as possible each year, as well as helping to extend the Hockerill College community. All parents, teaching and non-teaching staff are members of HPF as a matter of course and are invited to all our meetings and the AGM. At the AGM the members elect the trustees, who are in office for a two year term. The current trustees and designated committee members are :-

Trustees -  Richard Johnson (Chair) Deborah Rushman (Secretary) Erika Payne

Committee Members -  Annalisa Cromie, Jools Dunne, Katie Fraser, Natalie Trapmore

HPF is a registered charity, number 1147215

250 Club



The HPF 250 Club is a monthly prize draw that raises funds for the college while giving you a chance to win money each month. Entry is £5 a month. There is a £100 prize every month and an additional Christmas prize of £250 in December. Please use the entry form to set up a monthly Standing Order, or enclose a cheque made out to HPF 250 Club if you prefer to pay for a whole year at once. All profits go to the college. Draws take place on the 10th of each month.

For more information and to join please CLICK HERE.





Hockerill Merchandise



All proceeds go to HPF to support the College.

To purchase please email mailto:hpf@hockerill.com

Pens, mugs, stress balls, teddies,water bottles and thermal mugs are available from Reception.

Clothing can be ordered online by following this link: Fosters Schoolwear

Please note clothing has been approved by the College but is not uniform.

HPF on facebook

To keep you up to date with the latest HPF news, please visit our facebook page


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out what the HPF committee are doing? You can always find the latest on our Facebook page, through ParentMail messages or come along to our meetings – fun, informal affairs and you get to meet other parents and staff too!

Who is HPF? We are a group of parents/carers and staff who come together for two reasons; helping and supporting the College and getting together socially. We give a little of our time to ensure that the College has the funds to buy those things which other funds don’t quite run to - and we have some fun at the same time!

Why doesn’t Statutory Funding or the College provide these additional funds? Statutory Funding is tied fairly closely to the curriculum and other funds are often similarly targeted. HPF aims to fill the gaps and does not replace any statutory funding.

Is the role of the HPF purely based around fundraising? No, although fundraising is a result of a number of our activities, we also have other events that are purely social. We engage with the College to decide how funds raised are used most effectively and hope that our events contribute to the social cohesion and cultural development of the College community.

How else does HPF support the College? HPF helpers support events such as Sports Day, running the tea tent; serving refreshments and promotion of HPF at music events; as parent ambassadors at Open Days offering a parents' view of the College.

How do you decide what to spend the money on? The Principal feeds in information about important projects needing support. 

How can I help? Contact our Secretary, via hpf@hockerill.com. We would be delighted if you registered your interest, either as a Committee member or a helper at events.

If I join the committee how much time do I have to give up? 4 or 5 meetings and a couple of events during the year would be a worthwhile contribution.

How often are committee meetings? There are normally 2 per term, but this depends on what events are running.

What will I have to do if I join the committee? Do as much or little as you wish to.

Do I have to join the committee or can I just help? Either is fine