Boarders’ Valentines Event

February 8th 2014

Boarders’ Valentines Event Saturday 8th February

The Roding & Rochester girls worked exceptionally hard on the Saturday afternoon dressing the tables with white linen table cloths and very patiently created the most fantastic designs from red serviettes with the assistance of Miss Tennison.  There was a selection of love hearts confectionery scattered on each of the dining tables.  The refectory was turned into a spectacular display of red and white.  Winchester and Roding girls did a fabulous job decorating St. Alban’s Hall with red heart shaped balloons. Holroyd Howe provided a superb Valentines supper for the full boarders who dressed to impress.  Following the meal there was a disco held in St. Alban’s Hall and once again the Lightening Road Show proved to be very popular with the boarders who danced the night away. 

Mrs Harris (Head of Rochester House) 

Posted at 15:04 on 27th Feb 2019