Hockerill continues to buck the trend for very good reasons!

Hockerill continues to buck the trend for very good reasons!

February 27th 2019


With enthusiasm, drive and great success all students continue to learn two modern foreign languages to GCSE level and at least one as part of their curriculum choices in the sixth form IB Diploma Programme. The provision on offer is broad with four European languages available,  French, German, Italian and Spanish as well as the two Asian languages,  Mandarin and Japanese.  Their studies are not only outstanding in terms of examination results but also in enriched communicative competencies and experiences using multiple languages. 


Why does it work here? Learning foreign languages at Hockerill is embedded in a coherent, consistent whole school philosophy that permeates and interconnects all parts of College life and learning. The curriculum offers  bilingual Music lessons in French and German in Year 7 as well as bilingual Humanities lessons in Years 9 and 10. But no Language programme should stay in the classroom.  We run  an extensive programme of curricular trips and exchanges for all students across all year groups in all languages that we teach. This philosophy is  further integrated through the International Baccalaureate Middle Years and Diploma Progammes and made real in an international, multilingual community of students and staff.


Learning modern foreign languages at Hockerill is successful because of this meaningful and holistic approach to cultural learning and intercultural cooperation. The learning equips our students not only with effective communication tools and experiences but also encourages the development of a range of soft skills that prepare them  for every possible future career path here in the UK and elsewhere in the world. 

Posted at 14:54 on 27th Feb 2019