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Principal's Blog

November 30th 2016


On Friday evening we were fortunate enough to host the annual GCSE Presentation Evening.  This year, our evening was graced by British Paralympian Richard Chiassaro, who spoke about never giving up on your goals, and how adversity can be turned to your advantage.  Richard’s personal story was exceptionally well received by those assembled, and the applause at the end was tremendous.  My small contribution to the evening was to offer a few pieces of advice to the students who have moved on from GCSEs and are now facing fresh academic challenges.


  1. Be brave and positive: We talk a great deal about the Learner Profile at Hockerill, and one of the qualities I often focus on is ‘Risk Taker’.  As you get older you will become more risk adverse, so revel in your sense of indestructibility and take risks (calculated of course!)


  1. Don’t be afraid to fail: Failure is a part of life.  I hope that at some point you have failed at Hockerill.  What I also hope is that you were supported in overcoming this and that you learnt from the experience.  This is the key, the adage goes, ‘failure is the first step to success’.  This will work for you if you have the resilience to ‘bounce-back’, and more importantly the knowledge that you have done it before


  1. Don’t lose touch with your friends from school: They have seen you at your best (and your worst).  They know you better than anybody else and are a greater leveller and a resource to be relied upon but you must stay in touch with them.  Sitting next to someone for 5 years builds an incredible shared memory- don’t lose this by staying in touch, and I mean the good old-fashioned way of staying in touch ie seeing each other rather than the rather sterile ‘friendships’ we see on social media.


  1. Take a bit of the College with you: The College has a clear ethos and focus on languages, music, international outlook, kindness, responsibility.  These are valuable attitudes to take with you into whatever you do after school


  1. Take care of the small things: There are many occasions when your abilities will be tested, but some things don’t require any talent or innate ability. So, be kind, be on time, work hard.  These are core attributes which you are in control of and they matter.  You will go a long way if you can retain a sense of this.


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