First Impressions of Sixth Form at Hockerill

November 4th 2016

1st imp 6th

Why did you pick HAEC for Sixth Form?

Zoe – it seemed a natural progression from the MYP. I did look elsewhere but that just confirmed that I wanted to stay.

Sonya – I wanted an international school and when I came to Open Morning I knew this was where I wanted to be – the people, the course, everything seemed to be exactly what I was looking for.

Stanley – I knew I couldn’t go down to just 4 subjects for A level so the IB seemed the right course for me. I have moved around a lot and I wanted somewhere that I could stay and focus on my studies.

How easy is it to settle in?

Zoe – I went to the Taster Day in June which was really fun but because so many of people aren’t there you don’t get to meet everyone, so Induction Day in September is great because it gives you a chance to get to know everyone and start working together.

Sonya – everyone is really open and friendly, settling in is easy – straightaway I felt like I was at home here.

Stanley – It was odd coming back and recognising some people but I have settled right into boarding; I love all the sport and other activities, it is great being with your friends all the time.

Zoe – Is being in Sixth Form different to be a student here in Year 11?

Yes, completely  - the way the staff treat you is different, you aren’t babied at all, they expect you to be adults. The course and how you study is so different and there are so many new people that it feels quite new – I am still friends with people from before but have a whole new set of people in the group too.

Sonya and Stanley – was it difficult to fit in with so many students who had been here previously?

Not at all – everyone mixes and works together; it makes no difference when you joined. The Autumn Ball was a great chance to really get to know each other – and because there were mixed tables it was also a chance to get to know the Year 13s. They have all been really welcoming and happy to help; if you have a question about anything they have time for you.

How are you finding the work?

All three said they enjoying lessons and the work load is totally manageable. It is different from GCSE and you need to be more self-motivated and self-disciplined but they all love the breadth of the course and think that is its strength – you can have your key subjects with your higher choices but there is so much more with ToK and CAS. They are looking forward to starting their extended essays and the skills they will learn from that.

Did you make the right choice coming here for Sixth Form?

Zoe – Definitely!

Sonya – Yes, Hockerill is perfect for me – and if you like languages it is a great choice.

Stanley – Yes, and I would recommend it, both the course and the boarding.

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