Sixth Form's Dr Letten retiring from teaching at end of term.

Sixth Form's Dr Letten retiring from teaching at end of term.

June 29th 2016

What made you decide to join Hockerill?

I joined Hockerill in September 2003 as I was looking for a place where I could earn a salary and learn how to teach. I was accepted into a graduate training programme and was hired by Bob Guthrey. I was drawn to Hockerill by its’ unique specialisms, international mindedness and positive and friendly environment.

Changes at Hockerill during your time here?

In many ways Hockerill has not changed at all. The values it holds and the way it functions as a specialist in languages and music have stayed much the same. However, there have been some noticible changes in how the population of the school has grown and how the community has become even more internationally spread, moving from many Germans and British students to more from further a field.

Favourite memory of your time here?

There is no precise moment, but what stands out is the theme of being able to continually work and build relationships with students. I have been particularly involved with the Sixth Form and will remember those who showed a drive, determination and enthusiasm towards their work and roles in the school.

What will you miss?

There is much that I will miss. But above all it has to be the relationships I have made and the banter with both staff and students. Talking with the enthusiastic, entertaining, optimistic and forward-looking students, as well as the supportive environment with the staff, has been the greatest highlight for me.

What won’t you miss?

I have never found the work stressful because I enjoy what I do. There is nothing I will be glad to leave behind or that I have disliked. It has been a very fulfilling job and I feel very privileged to have worked at the school.

What would your advice to your successor be?

To be fully engaged in all the opportunities which will arise to allow you to experience all the rewards the role brings.

What are your plans for your retirement?

I will continue to work for three days a week until Christmas, involved in the pastoral handover of the role and helping within the science faculty. I have a prolonged skiing holiday planned which I am thoroughly looking forward to. Then I am planning to put my experience from working in a large, successful International Baccalaureate school to use as I will be involved with the IBO and will be helping start up new IB schools and establish their programmes, particularly the CAS side of the IB. I will definitely be returning for next years prom and I’m sure I will drop in to visit the school in the future.

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