Mrs Shellard retiring after 34 years at Hockerill

Mrs Shellard retiring after 34 years at Hockerill

June 23rd 2016

Interview with Mrs Shellard

On the 21st July 2016, I interviewed Mrs Shellard to commemorate the 34 years she has spent at Hockerill. She has been an integral part of the Hockerill community and we will be sad to see her go.

1. In what ways has the school changed since you started here?

Well for starters, I have seen 6 Principals through their terms here. When I first came to Hockerill, everyone was a boarder and the school was funded by Essex County Council. Most staff worked in boarding and you were only eligible for a place if you were born in Essex or if your parents had lived there. All the boarders had to be back on a Sunday evening to attend the weekly church service in the Chapel. We also did A-Levels so the education was completely different.

2. What do you love most about Hockerill?

It has to be the students.

3. What is your favourite memory?

Well I have so many memories, it’s so hard to pick one! Perhaps when the then Head of Art and Head of English got married in the Chapel. She later became a Reverend and actually made one of the stain glass windows in there.

This isn’t really a favourite, just something I’ll always remember, but I was in reception talking to another member of staff once and I suddenly looked up to see the top of St Albans on fire, thankfully there was no serious damage, but I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!

4. What roles have you undertaken during your time here?

When I first came I used to make sure all the students were on the coaches that took them home for the weekend. You should probably check with Mrs Ashlee-Mcrae, she got a cake a few years ago for me that had the titles of all the different jobs I’ve had during my time here. I was a librarian for 15 years, I’ve worked in reception, I’ve been the Bursar's secretary and the assistant Bursar. I’ve also been an alumni officer and I honestly remember almost every face and recognise each name. Oh, and I have worked in careers admin and boarding and been a tutor for 25 years..

5. Which role was most enjoyable?

At the time I enjoyed all of them.

6. Which qualities would you say are the most important to have as a member of staff?

You need to adapt quickly, have initiative and patience.

7. What are your plans for the future?

I’m secretary at the Bishop’s Stortford Women’s Institute and I’m involved with the U3A as well. I have 3 grandchildren to keep me busy and I’ll probably work on my allotment.

8. What will you miss most about Hockerill?

The staff and the students. Seeing students progress and develop from Y7’s into Sixth Formers.


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