MP visit to discuss EU referendum.

MP visit to discuss EU referendum.

May 26th 2016

On Monday 16th May, Hockerill year 12 students were privileged to have the opportunity to spend an hour talking to local MP for Hertford and Stortford, Mark Prisk, regarding the upcoming European Union Referendum. A remain campaigner, students fielded questions to Mr Prisk about widespread aspects of the decision; Ranging from the fate of the Conservative party following the 23rd of June to the significance of British nationals living abroad in the EU.  

Mr Prisk previously served as Minister of State for Business and Enterprise and is currently a trade envoy. It was of great interest to hear case made by a figure experienced in political economics. However, by no means did he exclude the opposite views of those who expressed concerns over the EU, and was even perfectly accepting when one student announced that they were in favour of Corbyn’s Labour and saw little in the Conservative government! Although not many that attended will be able to vote it was a valuable session, and as Mr Prisk pointed out, this generation is the one that will be most affected by the decision made this summer and his visit certainly gauged interest and involvement in the issue at hand.

Once again, we thank Mr Prisk for taking time out of his busy schedule to come and help raise youth participation in this crucial debate over one of the most important issues in years.

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