HPF Comedy Night

Posted on: 9th May 2016

For those of you who weren't sure that St. Alban's Hall was the venue for an uproarious Saturday night so held off buying tickets you missed a great evening.

Hockerill parent Paddy Lennox, who runs the Great Dunmow Comedy Club, was a fantastic compere and got the evening off to a great start. The line-up of the immensely likeable, up and coming Pierre Novellie, the slightly more surreal veteran singer-songwriter Boothby Graffoe and the 2006 Funny Women winner Suzy Bennett provided three very different but equally entertaining acts.

Well done to the Parents and Friends team for putting together such a good night and huge thanks to Paddy. On the basis of this the Great Dunmow Comedy Club is well worth a visit (don't take the kids though!) and if Paddy can be persuaded to repeat this sometime don't miss it.