Hockerill Success at MFL Debating Competition !

Posted on: 28th January 2015

Year 13 students to Bexley Grammar School in Kent for their annual MFL debating competition. The students knew the topic of the debate in advance: the legalisation of cannabis. This had incited much debate in class as students made every effort to get one over on their competition with the best statistics, most powerful arguments and most sophisticated debating language.

The students were clearly excited on the journey down and exchanged ideas in Spanish, Italian, German and Japanese, translating for each other as they went. After a quick presentation once we had arrived and some delicious cakes made by the competition’s organiser, the teams split off into their respective language groups and embarked on their debates. Many became very heated as all were keen to win and, after much deliberation by the judges, the results came in. Overall, Hockerill students won both the German and the Spanish debates, with the latter praised in particular for the passion they showed and for the authenticity of their language and the German group for the strength of their arguments. The Italian and Japanese team lost out to strong competition, but all were highly commended for the confidence they showed and their superb accents.

The teams were as follows:

German: Taliesin Renouf, Tom Evans

Spanish: Sonja Rijnen, Charlotte Prowse, Maria Müller

Italian: Phoebe Evans, Patricia Metcalfe-Jones

Japanese: Anna Spivack, Olivia McGran, Ellen Brierley

The competition was a great success as it gave students the chance to show off their language skills in a different (and competitive!) environment. Many have expressed an interest in repeating the exercise and have identified numerous benefits for their confidence and fluency. Watch this space for future events…

Hugh Michell

Head of Italian