Excellent Performance from 2022 IB Diploma Students

Posted on: 12th July 2022


Hockerill students are celebrating a fantastic set of results in the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme.  123 Year 13 students from Hockerill Anglo-European College took the IB Diploma this year and have now received their results, achieving an average point score of 36, well above the global average of 31.32[1] points

Students are celebrating their achievements in a range of subject areas. 29% of students gained 40 points or over – an accomplishment for less than twelve percent of IB Diploma students globally[2], with 40 points being equal to an A level score of “A*, A*, A*, A* and  A”.

Particular congratulations should go to Connell Holden and Sofia Miccolis, who both achieved the maximum point score of 45 (obtained by less than 1% worldwide[3]) as well Sarah Albans, Louisa Davison, Harriet Dunne, Eleanor Hewins, Emma Troman who were all awarded 44 points and  Charlotte Cavanagh, Léa Gallagher, Emily Howells, Claudia Pettengell, Cameron Street, Leila Trusty, Lucia Yaniz Santolaria who earned 43 points.  Other students gaining over 40 were Louise Cavanagh, Ines Charrier, Lucy Groves, Hanna Gualandi, Elisenda Henderson Casadevall, Matteo Moroni,Marie Sudmann, Matthew Waterhouse, Lukas Wystemp (all on 42),  Cai Chappel, Frieda Mohnke, Jakub Moudry, Nicholas Petkov, Hannah Trapmore (41 points) plus Margherita Barro, Lorenzo Ciolino Umberto, April Clark, Adam Elias Kaldas, Liliana Foster Kane, Erin Perera, Walpita Kankanamalage, Alessandro Scagnolari, Ewan Winship (40 points).

Using the UCAS comparison, these results give the College an A*/A at A level equivalent figure of 63%.  

David Woods, Principal of Hockerill was delighted with the students achievement, commenting “We are very proud of our students' achievements. The IB is a demanding course and so to have achieved such excellent results is a testament to the quality of the students and their commitment through challenging times. We look forward to hearing of their continued success as they move forward to university and employment”.


A further release will follow with university destinations at the time of A level results.





[1] three year average point score, average point score worldwide (2019-2021) Source:  IBO Statistical Bulletin May 21 (2022 not yet available).

[2] three year average point score, 40+ worldwide(2019-2021) Source:  IBO Statistical Bulletin May 21.

[3] three year average point score, 45+ worldwide (2019-2021) Source:  IBO Statistical Bulletin May 21.