IB Diploma and Destinations News

Posted on: 10th August 2021


Press Release
IB Diploma Results and Student University Destinations 2021


Hockerill are celebrating a record-breaking set of results in the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme with a 100% pass rate. 

122 Year 13 students from Hockerill Anglo-European College took the IB Diploma this year and have now received their results, achieving an average point score of 37.8, well above the global average of 33 points. 

Students are celebrating their achievements in a range of subject areas. A staggering 39% (48) students gained the prestigious score of 40 points or over. 40 points being equivalent to an A level score of “A*, A*, A*, A* and A.

Particular congratulations should go to the following students, all scoring 42 points or more:

Emma Davis, Archie Fraser, Clare Malcolm, Grace Malcolm, Toyin Odusan and Jacopo Rangone who all achieved the maximum point score of 45 (obtained by only 1.5% worldwide in 2021)

James Baird, Virginia Bianchini, Olivia Boutell, Guy Dempsey, Nilesh Gurumurthi, Maysie Haynes, Claudia Maggi, Freya Tischkowitz, Olivia Waring, Martha Wells and Rebekah Yong who were all awarded 44 points.

Oyin Afe, Joana Chetwynd, Robin Leuridan, Jack Lyall and Lucy Womack on 43 points, plus Maya Buesser, Ling Cheung, Jemima Cromie, Chiara Farnell-Gatti, Charles Hales, Oliver Martinelli, Juan Perinat and Mia Pickering who all achieved 42 points.

David Woods, Principal of Hockerill was delighted to hear news of the “fantastic achievements by the students who’ve really shown what they are capable of during a very challenging period.”


Of those 91 Hockerill students who have confirmed their UK university and conservatoire places so far, the most popular destination are:

Universities of Oxford & Cambridge (combined) 10
University of Edinburgh 8
University of Exeter 7
King's College 5
University of Nottingham 5
University of Leeds 5


Other students from this year’s cohort are going on to university in the USA - with one taking up an Ivy League place at Wharton Business School, studying at a European university, undertaking an apprenticeship or having a gap year before starting university in 2022. 

Students are going on to study subjects across a wide range of disciplines, including six students who will be studying medicine or veterinary science.

Ms Leslie Spencer, Assistant Head of Sixth Form and Head of Year, commented:

“This remarkable cohort of students, supported by staff, each other, and their parents, has exceeded expectations! Their examined components revealed that despite having learned much of their subject content in lockdown conditions, they have specific subject knowledge which will support them during their next steps.  Moreover, they exemplify the IB mission statement of inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring students who have benefitted from a high-quality international education that fosters intercultural understanding and respect. We wish them well and hope to hear of their future successes.”





The IBDP is sat by students all around the world. This year students in some countries were able to sit examinations as normal whilst others were awarded grades based on a combination of coursework marks and teacher assessed grades. Great care was taking by the IB to ensure parity between the examination and the non-examination route giving further validity to student grades.