IB Diploma Success

Posted on: 6th July 2021

Hockerill students are today celebrating a record-breaking set of results in the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme with a 100% pass rate. 

122 Year 13 students from Hockerill Anglo-European College took the IB Diploma this year and have now received their results, achieving an average point score of 37.8, well above the global average of 33.02 points. 

Students are celebrating their achievements in a range of subject areas. A staggering 39% (48) students gained 40 points or over – an accomplishment for only 9% of IB Diploma students globally*, with 40 points being equal to an A level score of “A*, A*, A*, A* and  A”.

Particular congratulations should go to Emma Davis, Archie Fraser, Clare Malcolm, Grace Malcolm, Toyin Odusan, Jacopo Rangone who all achieved the maximum point score of 45 (obtained by less than 0.5% worldwide) as well as  James Baird, Olivia Boutell, Guy Dempsey, Nilesh Gurumurthi, Maysie Haynes, Claudia Maggi, Freya Tischkowitz, Olivia Waring, Martha Wells and Rebekah Yong who were all awarded 44 points and Oyin Afe, Virginia Bianchini, Joana Chetwynd, Robin Leuridan and Jack Lyall on 43 points plus Maya Buesser, Ling Cheung, Jemima Cromie, Chiara Farnell-Gatti, Charles Hales, Oliver Martinelli, Juan Perinat, Mia Pickering and Lucy Womack (all with 42 points), Sophia Allan, Giulia Angeli, Gianluca Bianchi, Clementine Catmur, Simon Espinosa Loaiza, Maya Joseph, Maddy Miles, Matteo Mori, Mia Sasaki Durrant and Toby Wood (41 points) Beatrice Gandini, David Harkness, Sameer Hussain, Remy Jones, Artie Littler, Annabel Readman, Jessica Siu, Giovanna Zuliani (40 points).

Using the comparison method of The Times newspaper, these results give the College an A*/A at A level equivalent figure of 72.2%.

David Woods, Principal of Hockerill was delighted to hear news of the “fantastic achievements by the students who’ve really shown what they are capable of during a very challenging period.



*in 2021 15,513 students of 170,660 globally achieved 40-45 points.

A further press release will follow with university destinations at the time of A level results.