Year 7 applications 2021

Posted on: 11th January 2021

Demand for places at Secondary schools in Bishop Stortford has been higher than ever this year and at Hockerill we have seen record numbers of applications. In order to respond to this demand, we have agreed to admit, for September 2021 only, an additional 30 students (20 day and 10 boarding) above our Published Admission Number (PAN) of 120. We will therefore be allocating 150 places (88 day places and 62 boarding places).  This will be done in accordance with our existing admissions arrangements, following the existing criteria. As we are not formally amending our PAN, we are not able to increase the number of places allocated on aptitude, so the number of places for aptitude will remain at 12 (7 for language, 3 for music, 2 for combined scores).