NHS Infection Control Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service Support Visit

Posted on: 23rd November 2020

The NHS Infection Control Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service Support team visited the College last week and we were happy that they were very positive about the measures we have in place and have acted on their recommendations.


The report following this visit stated “The protocols and procedures in place are accurate, exceptional and go above and beyond the normal requirements. This School is immaculate throughout and a great deal of care and attention has been given to every inch of the buildings. Exceptional in how a School should be during these times.  The protocols and procedures within this school are exceptional, cleaning stations, hygiene are all second to none. They have spared no expense in having the School fully ready and prepared. I could not fault the efforts of the staff in everything they have completed and achieved. Well done, a fantastic example.”


The team made recommendations with regards to the cleaning solutions used in the College, suggesting an alternative which is more effective, less expensive and kinder to the environment.  The College has committed to moving to this product once our current stocks of cleaning solutions are depleted. 



Herts County Council Public Health Service, Infection Prevention & Control Team visit 05/11/2020

The report following this visit remarked upon the College’s “clear signage throughout the school and regular points to sanitise hands. The school appeared clean and well organised. With good spacing in lunchroom, the school have installed Perspex screens so children can continue to face each other during lunch. Year group bubbles do not mix at lunch and clear signage was displayed on tables (signifying) if clean or dirty. Medical centre was clean with a good system in place for receiving suspected COVID cases. 


This team made recommendations regarding management of the lunch queues which the College acted upon within 24 hours.