IB Diploma Results 2020

Posted on: 6th July 2020

Hockerill students are celebrating another strong set of results in the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme. The 115 Hockerill students gaining the IB Diploma this year achieved an overall points average of 36.5 against an International average of 29.9

Using the Department for Education performance point scores tariff system enables us to compare IB results with A Levels and this shows Hockerill students achieved a 65.6% equivalent pass rate at A*/A, 23.8% of these being at A*.  This compares the two highest grades achievable at IB Diploma Higher level (7 and 6) with A* and A at A level.

The following 27 students made it on to the prestigious 40 points plus chart, which is equivalent to A*, A*, A*, A* at A level and in the top 9.7%* of IB Diploma students worldwide.

Zara Abouharb 

Giulia Argante 

Madelaine Ball 

Molly Box 

Sophie Brixton 

Zara Byng 

Manuela Camarero Montero 

Cecilia Catmur 

Dewi Chappel 

Giuseppe Cognata 

Annie Doyle 

Flavia Giehr 

Sophie Hanney 

Felicity Henry 

Nathaniel Honey 

Choi Kiu Koo 

Annabelle McKelvey 

Eleanor Milton 

Faith Ogedengbe 

Ignacio Perinat 

Alexia Ricart Panova 

Dominic Tatchell 

Lilith Weimer

Adam Wilson 

Eleanor Wilson

plus both Olivia Knowles  and Aneshka Moudry who scored 45 points, achieved by less than 1% of students worldwide

Of those students who have confirmed their university places through UCAS so far:

  • The most popular destinations are

University of Exeter (10%)

University of Durham (5%)

University of Edinburgh (7%)

Oxford and Cambridge combined (6%)

University of Bristol (4%)

 University of Nottingham (4%)

University of Warwick (4%)

UCL (4%)

  • 75% will be attending a Russell Group institution

Sarah Pearson, Acting Head commented: ‘We are delighted with these excellent results. Coursework and predicted grades contributed to the algorithms used by the IB to arrive at final grades. Our students have secured places at a range of excellent universities, both in the UK and internationally. They will be studying in a wide range of disciplines including Medicine, Mathematics, PPE, Military History, Biological Sciences, Molecular Bioengineering, Social Anthropology, Music, International Business Management, Psychology, Law, Economics, French, Spanish and Arabic.

We know that the IB Diploma prepares young people so well for next steps and I am sure we will hear of our students continued success. We are incredibly proud of our graduating cohort and wish them all the very best with their continued studies."