Today is the second Enrichment Day of the academic year

Posted on: 1st March 2019

Today is our second Enrichment Day of this academic where students are out of normal lessons and focus on activities that enable them to explore a topic or skill in depth.  
The aim of these activities is to develop skills in Approaches to Learning and, where possible, to explore global issues. Approaches to Learning are skills and attitudes that permeate the IB teaching and learning environment; Thinking Skills, Communication Skills, Social Skills, Self-management Skills, and Research Skills.  
All students from Years 7 to 12 will be working with teachers and visiting speakers over the course of the day on the activities outlined below. Year 13, who have just finished their Theory of Knowledge presentations, have a study day, giving them the chance to finish any outstanding pieces of coursework and start focussing on the exams in May.
These days are always highly beneficial and hugely enjoyable for all the students and staff. 
Year 7  - Mission X Students will be training like Astronauts, considering the effects of Space travel on the body and the mind, designing rockets, building and testing Mars Landers and coding intelligent Mars Rovers. Visiting speakers: Engineer Paul Meacham from Air Bus, Dr Vincent Giampietro, leading NMR research scientist from Kings College, London and Jerry Stone Mars & Space expert from the British Interplanetary Society. There are two inter- Equipe online competitions running concurrently to complement the day that students can already access. 
Year 8 - Global Food Challenge - Students will be focusing on developing an understanding of how global supply chains currently work; where our food comes from, and some of the challenges facing the small-scale farmers who produce it. They will also explore how to advocate for a fairer and more sustainable global food system. 
Year 9 -   The Community Project is an essential and assessed part of the MYP programme. Students will continue to plan their community projects, work on their Process Journals and will also learn about how their projects will be assessed. Additionally they will be focussing on presentation skills as they will be presenting the results of their projects in June. 
 Year 10 - Drugs Education - Students will have the opportunity to participate in a workshop, led by an external presenter, where they will become better informed about the risks associated with drugs.  Students will also increase their understanding of County Lines whilst undertaking activities arranged by Hockerill staff. 
Year 11 - Electives Enrichment - This day has been set aside to provide students with more time to focus on practical elements of their elective GCSE. They will be working with their teachers throughout the day at this crucial time in the lead up to their Summer exams. 
Year 12 - Introduction to the Extended Essay Students will learn the IBO's requirements and attend 3 workshops on research and referencing, reflection, academic posters and have a subject specific session.