Exchange students at Hockerill

Posted on: 20th March 2014

Hockerill’s Director of Languages, Axel Geissler, has been overwhelmed by the support of our local community in supporting the work experience exchange scheme with Hockerill’s partner school in Belgium.  He is also feeling quite proud that the town of Hockerill’s partner school in Spain is getting the greater recognition it deserves.

Exchange students on work experience in the Bishop’s Stortford Community

At the moment 40 students from the College Ste Veronique in Liège are visiting Hockerill, twenty of whom are following a cultural exchange whilst the other twenty are doing work experience in business and schools around town.   The work experience is made possible in no small part by the fantastic support in the local community by businesses such as Café La Poire, Rosey Lea’s Tearoom and the Bridge Café as well as many Primary School partners amongst others Windhill Primary, Manuden Primary and Much Hadham Primary.  Last month forty Hockerill students visited the College in Liege, twenty of whom did various work experience placements around the Belgian city, in schools, nurseries, cafes and shop.

Radio 4 discovers Hockerill’s secret

For years students from Hockerill have been visiting the Galician jewel that is Santiago de Compostela, which is being looked at by this week’s Book of the Week programme. Students at the school are experiencing truly global learning not only through an international curriculum but also by constantly exchanging homes, lives and experiences with friends from their partner schools around the world. The visitors from Santiago de Compostela were in Bishops Stortford in February.

By the end of the week Hockerill College will also welcome students from their partner schools in Maniago in Italy and Tokyo.