Posted on: 8th February 2018

eric - mun

On Saturday 3th February, Mr Jackson and Ms Davids took a dozen students to The Bishops Stortford High School to partake in the 10th annual Bishops Stortford MUN conference. This year, three schools attended, including Queen’s College, Mallorca. Model United Nations is a very popular club in Hockerill’s sixth form, where each week a resolution regarding a global issue is discussed by delegates, or countries, represented by the students. The conference was a great way to practice what we have learned in MUN and also engage in real-life, global issues as we were encouraged to think of legitimate responses. There were four councils which tackled four different issues; the General Assembly was focused on the missing girl problem in China, the Economic and Social council which discussed the issue of microplastics in our oceans, the Human Rights Council who talked about the Rohingya Muslim crisis and finally, the Security Council who debated how to combat North Korea and their use of nuclear missiles. I personally represented China in the security council which was interesting to learn about China’s stance on an issue so logistically relevant to them and play devil’s advocate with the western countries. After a few hours of proposing and debating different resolutions, everyone came to together in a general assembly to present the resolutions to the other councils. Hockerill was well represented with three out of the four resolutions being proposed by Hockerill students. Furthermore, the engagement that Hockerill students showed was reflected by the fact that Esther Grunbaum, Eva Radukic and Eric Wallace all won best delegate in their councils and we also won best overall team and best resolution. The students would like to thank Mr Jackson and Ms Davids, as well as the year 13 MUN leadership team for helping organise such a great event. Also a thank you to The Bishop’s Stortford High School who held this year’s conference in memoriam of their MUN co-ordinator, Mr Darren Solomons, who died in November 2017. The Hockerill MUN students are now looking forward to their upcoming MUN conference in Bath at the start of March this year.

Jen Winship, Year 12