Why Hockerill?

Selecting the right school is one of the key decisions faced by parents.  At Hockerill we aim to offer a distinctive experience based upon the guiding principles of high aspirations, strong community, progressive curriculum, traditional values and international outlook.

1 High Aspirations

The intention at Hockerill is to marry together rigorous academic programmes and excellent teaching to instil in our students a love of learning.  Expectations of the students are high, and opportunities are widely available for students to demonstrate their academic endeavour and independence. 

Alongside these vital areas the College strives to offer a challenging and rigorous co-curricular offering of music, sport and drama.  Opportunities for exploration abound, and students are challenged to develop their specialisms across a broad range of areas.

2 Strong Community

At the heart of Hockerill lies a close knit community. The size of the College and the balance between day and boarding students gives rise to incredible opportunities to foster individual links and personal engagement.  The College offers a well-developed pastoral network and collaborative opportunities are plentiful for staff, students and parents.

3 Progressive Curriculum

Hockerill has a proven track record of innovation and development within its curriculum.  As an International Baccalaureate school we are distinctive in that we offer a post-16 qualification which allows our students to differentiate themselves and provides opportunities not available within the national framework.  In the lower College we offer the Middle Years Programme alongside GCSE.

4 Traditional Values

The values of the College are unashamedly traditional, with great importance attached to politeness, appearance and behaviour.  These traditional values also encompass the realisation that education is about more than examination results.  The focus at Hockerill is upon an all-round preparation for life beyond the College.

5 International Outlook

Hockerill is very aware of the increasing global environment in which our students will live and work.  Our students are encouraged to look outwards and to seek to play a leading role in the world.  The emphasis placed upon the study of languages and the breadth of nationalities represented at the College creates a vibrant and cosmopolitan atmosphere which help to develop responsible global citizenship.