EduLink One

The College uses a portal called EduLink One that provides an integrated school information platform, drawing together a range of existing schools systems with an engaging user interface and allows parents and carers access to information about their child in one place.
What Can EduLink One Do?
EduLink is a school information platform that can be accessed on any device – PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device - via the web browser or via the EduLink app
Some of the Edulink features parents will find useful are:
(Please note that some of these options are under the "More" option)
Absence Reporting - Parents/carers can report their child absent from school due to illness each day easily in just a few clicks, anytime. You will also be notified via email if your child is late or absent from school.
Account Info - This screen will let you see general information about the selected child, such as contact information, their date of birth or their form tutor.
Achievement - Will show any Praise Points your child has received.
Attendance - Parents/carers will be view statutory attendance statistics.
Behaviour - This will give you access to the behaviour records for your child.
Calendar - This will be populated with upcoming events, parents’ evening dates and school holidays. If a dot is showing under a date, it means there are one or more events happening that day. Click the date to find out more information.
Catering - We have synchronised with our cashless catering system to give you an accurate catering balance for your child as well as a summary of what they have purchased. You will still add credit to the account via WisePay.
Contacts - This screen will show you the contact information we have for Parents/carers .
Exams - This will give you information about any exams your child may be taking. You will find an exam timetable as well as exam entries.
Links - Parents can access useful links from within EduLink
Noticeboard - This screen will show uploaded notices or letters to keep tabs on what their child should be doing.
Timetable - This gives you a view of your child’s current timetable and will be kept up to date with any changes of teachers, groups or rooms as they happen.
Update Information - Keep the school up to date with your current contact information. Parents/carers can access and edit their contact details and their child’s information and consents. 
Documents - Parents/carers can access all Academic Reports enabling them to be downloaded.
Forms - Parents/carers will be able to complete forms quickly and easily without having to send paper copies home.
Clubs - Parents/carers can see what clubs their son/daughter is involved in.
Parents' Evening - Parents/carers can book their slots with teachers ready for upcoming parents' evenings
How do I get a login for Edulink One?
A child’s personal data merits particular protection under the new data protection law which came into effect in May 2018. Parents and carers with parental responsibility will be provided with a login for EduLink One as the software provides access and editing functionality to a child’s personal data. If the school has not been able to verify parental responsibility for a parent, evidence will need to be provided.
Parents will receive their username via email from the school, so please ensure your email address is up-to-date.
If you have not received an email or would like to access Edulink One, please email
Is EduLink One secure?

All data within the EduLink One software is encrypted using SSL technology. To make use of the app on your own personal device (mobile/tablet) you are required to have an unlock pin/password/fingerprint or facial recognition.

How can I access EduLink One?
EduLink One is a school information platform that can be accessed on any device – PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device – via the web browser or via the Edulink One app.
After accessing the system, you will need to log in with the school ID which is 'haec' as well as your username and password. You will be sent an email with your login details.
Links to Edulink One can be found as follows:
Mobile Apps: 
What if I've forgotten my login details?

The college ID is simply haec

If you navigate to

enter the college ID haec and click next

There is a "Reset login" on the login page. Simply enter your email address to receive instructions via email.

If you have further issues please contact



Having issues using the mobile app?

Please note that to use the app on your own device it requires that your device has security enabled. For example your device should have an unlock code/pin or be secured by biometric measures such as fingerprint or facial recognition. Without this you won't be able to use the app. This is to ensure that all personal data is kept as secure as possible. If you do not wish to set these security measures on your device please use the web version from your browser.

Please note that we would recommend using the app as this enables you to receive notifications for instant communication.