IBDP Examinations 2023

When and how you obtain your results   

On Thursday, 6 July, you will be able to access your results online from 1345 hrs GMT onwards from https://candidates.ibo.org  using your personal login details (personal code and PIN).  

Please check that you still have a record of your personal details; if you have misplaced them, contact Mrs Dewhurst on dewhurstj@hockerill.com or Ms Wilson wilsont@hockerill.com as soon as possible before 6th July.  

The IB will send notification of student results (transcripts) to Universities, Colleges and Admission Centres in accordance with instructions submitted by the College on behalf of the candidates before the examination period.   

Post-results advice  

The process will be carried out online to provide you with a full post-results service. If you would like to receive post-results advice on the IBDP Grades you have attained or on your University choices, then please use these links to contact us. The correct form will only be live during the dates stated below:

6th July – 28th July use this form: IB Enquiry Form 1

16th August - 4th September use this form: IB Enquiry Form 2

Once you have completed the form, you will receive a copy for your records to acknowledge that we have received your enquiry. Please be patient; a member of the Post-results Team will reply within 24 working hours via email or a telephone call in response to the query and contact information contained in your enquiry form. In the unlikely circumstances that you do not hear from us within 24 hours (this will be 48 hours for the time period between 16th August -4th September), then please telephone Reception. 

We will have members of staff working in two time periods to ensure they have appropriate rest; from 6th July until 28th July and 16th August until 4th September, outside of these time periods, exam related enquiries will not be processed.   

Enquiry upon Results Process

If a category 1 re-mark results in a grade change, will the fee be refunded in May 2023?  

Yes, the fee will be refunded for any category 1 re-mark that results in a grade change. The fee still applies for any category 1 re-mark that does not result in a grade change.  

Can grades still go up, down or stay the same as a result of a category 1 re-mark in May 2023?

Yes. If the mark change is bigger than the tolerance, the grade can go up, down or stay the same. If the mark change is less than or equal to the tolerance, the grade will stay the same.   

Will universities and colleges be sent updated grades following an EUR?   

Yes. For students who have submitted a request for their results to be sent to universities or colleges will be informed of any grade change as a result of an EUR.     

If you wish to retake any subjects  

Once you have communicated with the post-results team, you may wish or be advised to take resits in November. The form to enter you for resits can be found below and once completed should be emailed to Mrs Dewhurst using exams@hockerill.com The cost of any retakes will need to be paid through the Finance Department at Hockerill. All relevant details can be found on the form. Please note that we cannot submit any retakes to the IB until the College receives payment.  

Receiving your Diploma  

The IB dispatches Diploma documents to arrive in College by the end of August. The documents will be posted to your home address. If you have recently moved but have not given the College your new home address, please contact Mrs Dewhurst dewhurstj@hockerill.com. You should ensure that your Diploma documents are stored safely.  A fee (currently £49.00) is payable to the IB for a replacement in the event of a loss of certificate.  

Please do not hesitate to contact Ms Wilson (wilsont@hockerill.com) if you have any queries.

We are looking forward to celebrating your IBDP results with you in July.