GCSEs Summer 2023

Congratulations on completing your GCSE exams; the information below explains how to collect your results and our post results service. 

When and how you obtain your results  

On Thursday 24 August your GCSE results should be collected from The Chapel from 0800hrs. If you are unable to collect your results in person, please complete the Results Day Form using THIS LINK, if you have not done so already: 

Your results will then be emailed via your Hockerill account at 0900hrs.  

Sixth Form and Post-results advice 

Members of College staff including the Senior Leadership, subject leaders and the sixth form leadership team will be available from 0900hrs to provide you with guidance, advice and support regarding your sixth form choices should you need it. 

You should report to reception where you will be directed to a member of staff who will be there to help you. 

You are welcome to ask your parents to join you in any discussion if you would find that helpful.   

Alternatively, you can complete this form GCSE 2023 Enquiry Form which will open an enquiry with our Post Results Team who will then contact you. 

Once you have completed the form, you will be sent an acknowledgement that we have received your enquiry. Please be patient; a member of the post-results team will reply promptly via email or a telephone call in response to the query and information contained in your enquiry form. In the unlikely circumstances that you do not hear from us within 24 hours, please telephone reception (01279 658451). 

Review of results 

If you are unhappy about any of your exam results, you can request a clerical re-check or review of marking, you can also request a copy of your exam script. 

If you would like to access any of these services after you have received your exam results please complete GCSE Post Results Service form available in the Page Downloads below, making the necessary payment and emailing the completed form to exams@hockerill.com

Receiving your GCSE Certificates 

The Exam Boards dispatches GCSE certificates to arrive in College by November. We plan to present these in our scheduled GCSE Presentation Evening on the evening of Friday 24th November.

If you wish to retake any subjects 

Once you have communicated with the post-results team, you may wish, or be advised, to take resits in November. At present, the Exam Boards have advised us that English Language and Mathematics resits will be available as normal in the November exam session but have not yet given any indication about resits in other subjects.  Again, we will update you about this if the situation changes. 

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us via admin@hockeril.com