Major Projects

Since its launch in 2003 The Development Fund has contributed to a number of important College projects. A summary of the major projects to date can be viewed by clicking on the sections below.

Library Project - completed 2012

In 2008 the library was not a popular environment for student study. The decor and the resources were seriously outdated and the Principal and Governing Body felt it did not reflect the academic achievements and aspirations of our students. Julie Ballard, a fully qualified, professional librarian was recruited and plans were drawn up to improve the space, bookstock and other resources.

We are delighted with our new look library, which was made possible by using Development Fund income. The library plays an important part in supporting the learning at Hockerill.The project has been completed in 2 phases. In the first phase the original library space was redecorated, with the purchase of new carpet, curtains, lighting, seating and a clock. £15,000 of Development Fund income was used to complete phase 1. For phase 2, which doubled the size of the library by expanding into the former IT room, the purchase of shelving in addition to matching the decor of the original space, made this a much larger project. £35,000 was made available from the Development Fund to support these costs.

Since the investment, Julie Ballard, the College Librarian, has seen the number of student visitors grow: “The library is suddenly a really popular place to study, with demand sometimes exceeding supply of seats. It is amazing how making the environment a more attractive place to work has encouraged more serious study in the area”…”

We continue to be in a process of constantly replenishing and replacing much of the old book stock, with a kind donation of £6,000 from Hockerill Parents and Friends assisting enormously.

The Library has a wishlist of new titles on Amazon and parents, family and friends are encouraged to donate books from this list. Please click on this link to access the list. With your permission, a bookplate, acknowledging your donation ,will be placed in the inside cover as a token of our appreciation of your gift.

Chapel and Organ Project - completed 2012

Restoration of the Chapel and Organ Campaign

The Director of Music, Mr Bond, launched this campaign to ensure the history and beauty of the College Organ and Chapel are preserved for future generations. At the outset a total of £45,000 needed to be raised.


The College is privileged to be the custodian of an 1878 Hill & Son pipe organ of excellent original pedigree. Following several successful fundraising efforts, the organ has been partially restored and is currently used as both a teaching and performance instrument for our student organists. By raising further funds to complete the renovation process, current and future generations of pupils will have a unique opportunity to learn this challenging yet highly rewarding and versatile instrument. The opportunities afforded competent organists include:

  • A high level of general musicianship, including skills in confident solo performance and the chance to accompany instrumentalists and choirs.
  • The facility to perform three lines of music simultaneously – both hands and feet!
  • The chance to refine useful musical skills such as transposition, sight reading. harmonisation and improvisation.

The potential for sixth formers to apply for organ scholarships at some of the world’s most prestigious universities

The total refurbishment cost estimate for the organ of £33,000 was split into 4 phases of work to make the outlay more manageable. Concerts were held to raise money for each phase and there is also a Sponsor a Pipe Scheme.


The fabric of the Chapel has been completely redecorated, requiring new lighting, wiring and floor renovation. The Triptych, found in pieces in various cellars, has been restored to its former glory by experts. Please click here to view the restoration work :- in keeping with the Chapel environment is now being sought to put on the walls to complement the beautiful tryptych. If you are able to access or donate any artwork suitable to this environment, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Our alumni committee, Hockerill Old Students Association, has been and continues to raise money towards ongoing costs. If you would like to donate to this campaign or other Music projects in College, please contact Mr Bond via Reception.

Food Technology Project - completed 2013

The Food Technology room was installed many years ago and had not been updated since the 1980's, this was long before the Hockerill Anglo European College we know today. The area was in desperate need of an upgrade and this project was duly commissioned by the College. In collaboration with College budgets and funds, the Development Fund donated £20,000 towards the upgrade.  Food Technology is a highly popular and successful curriculum choice at GCSE, at Key Stage 3 and as part of the CAS programme in the VI form.  The refurbishment enabled the inaugural Boarders Equipe Masterchef  Competition to take place where there was fierce competition for both boys and girls of many nationalities to showcase their signature dishes.   The new room provides 10 work stations in a clean and hygienic environment suitable for work in a modern progressive school.  The improved space provides a much more attractive and appropriate environment that will help to facilitate students to achieve highly in this historically very successful area of the curriculum.