Helping Hockerill - An Overview

Hockerill Anglo European College is proud to be one of the UK's top performing state day and boarding schools. It also has charitable status and our Parents Association ( Hockerill Parents and Friends) is a registered charity. The Hockerill Development Office works to build relations with the whole college community, including former and current students and parents and it encourages them to support important aspects of school life, such as building developments and faculty specific investments.

As our College is in its infancy, relative to many much older institutions, it does not yet benefit from significant patronage. The Development Office plays a vital role in coordinating the generosity of both its current and former pupils, families and friends. This support may be monetary or it may be a gift of time, skills or networks. All forms of support are very much valued and we are grateful for all help received. 

This area of the website enables all interested parties to get involved - personally or financially - and also to become informed about the range of activities taking place to support the College.

There are a number of ways funds come into the College, open the sections below to find out more.

We are extremely grateful to all our supporters who are contributing to our projects. Gifts of any size make a big difference. If you would like to make a donation or get personally involved, please use this website to find out more about our fundraising goals or contact the Development Office for further details.

Thank you for your support!

Rachel Lawson

Governors’ Community and Development Committee Chair

Hockerill Development Fund

Hockerill Development Fund - Hockerill Anglo-European College is lucky to have incredibly supportive parents and friends. A major way in which parents, grandparents and friends have helped us in recent years is through supporting our Development Fund. Since 2006 the Development Fund has supported a variety of capital projects to directly benefit the students at Hockerill.

If you are interested in contributing to the Fund contact Rachel Lawson on 01279 658451 to discuss how you might like to contribute.

For more details, follow this link to the Development Fund page

For our Buy a Brick campaign information, please CLICK HERE

For Development Fund Flyer, please CLICK HERE

Hockerill Parents and Friends

Hockerill Parents and Friends ( HPF) -In 2010 Hockerill Parents and Friends was formed to coordinate the skills of parents and friends keen to offer their services to raise funds for the College, and also to give parents a platform to engage socially. If you would like to get involved, please contact Ina Gallo, who is the current chair, on

For more details, follow this link to the HPF page

New Ways to Donate Funds - By Text, Shares, Legacies

There are also some new ways to donate funds:-

Text Giving – this is a new way of donating funds by text. It is quick and easy to do and, thanks to the support of a parent, it costs neither the giver nor the College anything for the transaction. 

Shares – if you are in a position to donate shares to the College, please contact Mr Mark Aldridge on 01279 713959 to discuss this further

Legacies – the College recently had a very generous donation from a legacy left by an appreciative grandparent, directing the amount towards investment in sport. Our supporters are encouraged to remember the College in their will.