It's Activity Week at Hockerill

Posted on: 12th June 2017


This week, as we have done annually for many years, we suspend the timetable for three days (Monday to Wednesday) to enable all the students to engage in activities through which they develop learning and learning skills which are not often accessible to them through the standard curriculum. Here is a flavour of the exciting programmes of activity planned for the various year groups.

Year 7 (with Year 10 for Monday or Tuesday)

We do our best to get the students to undertake some learning activity which is firmly outdoors during this week. Last year we spent a day in Hatfield Forest; this year we have contacted the National Trust to extend this visit and engage them in helping us to provide some genuine service action experience for Year 7. In addition, we are creating an opportunity for these students to work with Year 10 on the project, which is to gather genuine scientific data for the management team of Hatfield Forest to evaluate their environmental protection strategies. The work will involve a walk along the forest paths evaluating the degree of degradation caused by the half-million visitors per year. The data will be used by the National Trust to develop their understanding of how to preserve this unique landscape. We hope that this activity will open up many levels of appreciation of the countryside and of the work of charitable organisations to maintain shared heritage. There will also be team building activities at the lunch site.

Half of Year 7 (and half of Year 10) will spend Monday at Hatfield Forest, while the other half work on three activities in College. The groups will reverse on Tuesday. On Wednesday, a wide variety of iSTEM activities will take place in College to round off the year.

Year 8

Most students in Year 8 are on language exchange visits during the Activities days. Those who remain will follow a programme of language enrichment in College.

Year 9

On Monday, Year 9 students will be carrying out work experience activities and will not be in College. On Tuesday, as is traditional, Year 9 undertake an ambitious, full-day trip to an historical site, namely the World War I battlefields in northern France. As these students have a very early start and do not return until very late in the evening, they are not expected in College on the Wednesday until 13:35, at which time follow-up activities will take place related to the previous day’s visit.

Year 10

Year 10 join Year 7 this year on their excursion to Hatfield Forest (see above) on Monday or Tuesday. On the other day, Year 10 will take part in some Maths reinforcement activities. On the Wednesday, students will visit Harlow Outdoors, travelling by train from Bishop’s Stortford station, and have some English reinforcement activities.

Year 11

Year 11 are on GCSE study leave at this time.

Year 12

Year 12 students will be completing the practical part of their IB Diploma Group 4 Internal Assessment. This allows them to enter their final year unencumbered by Science IA work and free to concentrate on the run-up to the exams next May.