An Idea to Reality

Posted on: 3rd March 2017

roding gym 1

From an idea that the girls brought up several years ago, Roding House now has a functioning gym in their garden!  It was not an easy process, from politely bothering Mr. Markham about the possibility of having a gym to struggling to find the pedals for the exercise bike; nonetheless, it was a successful one.

Thanks to the extraordinary help from Mrs. Irish and Mrs. Kheng, the House Captain’s Team – Kristie, Leila, Charlet and Eva, are able to get the girls inside the gym and start working off the “Roding 10 (pounds)”.  The Roding girls would hereby like to thank the generosity from Hockerill’s Parents and Friends for funding part of their equipment, the efficiency of Premises in aiding the building of the gym and the support from every staff member and student.  

Charlet Chan, Roding House Sports Captain.