IB Enrichment Day 2

Posted on: 22nd February 2017

Each term there is a day when the whole college is off timetable and engaged in activities designed to enhance our MYP and IBDP programmes. This Friday sees the second of this year's IB Enrichment Days which gives the opportunity to focus on some areas in more depth and also to engage in cross-curricular activities.  These days are hugely worthwhile but also require a great deal of work to plan and organise, so thank you to the all staff who make them happen. This is what each year group will be doing:

Year 7 and Year 9 – Mission X: Train like an astronaut. Year groups working together on activities related to life in space, bringing together Science, PE, Health, CT, Design and Careers. This activity develops each year, so Year 9 will have a different experience than they did in Year 7.

Year 8: Visiting the Imperial War Museum at Duxford, considering history and engineering, as well as some work on languages.

Year 10: Half day on debating, which requires preparation and research for optimum performance! Half day on drugs education and awareness, with outside presenters who have worked with us for many years.

Year 11: Science day. For some students this will be a chance to focus coursework, others will run through a Science reinforcement programme to help them prepare for final revision for the summer.

Year 12: Extended Essay day. The Extended Essay is a key component of the IB Diploma and is a potentially life-changing experience, it will be introduced to the students and they will have the chance to speak to staff with supervision experience in the chosen area, and opportunities to carry out preliminary research. Year 12 students should try to bring a device to access the internet through the College system.

Year 13: Some students will have oral tests and other meetings with staff. Most, however, will use the day for consolidation and revision work as they enter the final stages of their Diploma Programme. Day students and day boarders should not come in to college unless they have a pre-arranged meeting with a member of staff; lunch will not be provided for day students. Full and weekly boarders will be working in the boarding houses, and have lunch at the normal time.