Juvenes Translatores Translation Contest

Posted on: 25th November 2016

Juvenes translatores

This is the first time Hockerill has been selected to participate in the  Juvenes Translatores competition and it is a huge privilege to be part of something that brings us together with students across the EU.  The contest was run simultaneously in all member states (from 9-11am UK time), with 751 schools from 28 countries involved. Students could choose any two European languages to translate from/into and the winner from each country will be invited to a prize ceremony in Brussels (paid for by the European Commission).

We had 6 students taking part who, given the academic pressures at this time of year (especially for Year 13 with mocks and UCAS applications), deserve a great deal of credit for their commitment and enthusiasm - as well as for the quality of their translations. The results will not be known until early February so they will be kept waiting until then to find out if they will be off to Brussels, in the meantime well done to all the students involved (left to right in the picture) with language pairs:

Silvia Tauro (German à Italian)

Francesca Ixer (French à English)

Francesco Olivieri (English  à Italian)

Emily Robers (French à English)

Anna Terrone (Spanish à Italian)

Rianne Stout (Dutch à German)