University of Hertfordshire Maths Master Classes

Posted on: 18th November 2016

Ben Sloan and Rory Conway from Year 9 have been taking part in a series of Maths Master classes at The University of Hertfordshire, these have been held on Saturday mornings and have covered topics such as the mathematics of juggling, highly mathematical games and looking at queuing, and have been run by academics from Hertfordshire and other universities.

Looking back, halfway through the course, the boys agree that they have really enjoyed it and found it worthwhile. They both thought the best session so far has been the one on prime numbers. They have enjoyed being able to look at topics in more detail, and take them a couple of steps further, than is possible in class. They have also, just for fun, bent the fabric of space-time. Ben and Rory do admit, however, that some of it has been a little confusing - which is reassuring for those of us non-mathematicians out there.