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  • IB Enrichment Day 2

    This Friday the whole college is off curriculum; this is what we are up to.
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  • Oxford and Cambridge Success

    Oxford and Cambridge Success

    Five students are celebrating offers to study at Oxford or Cambridge.
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  • Rugby Tour Fundraising

    This summer 43 boys and 6 staff will set off on the 5th July for a rugby tour to Canada, which will undoubtedly prove to be a fantastic experience for everyone involved - certainly if the College's previous Canadian tour in 2014 is anything to go by. Fundraising for the tour began on a bright and sunny morning on Sunday 26th June with the 5km Quendon and Rickling Fun Run. This event was well attended with special mentions going to Evan Conboy and Ashley Ladbrooke who both recorded a time under 21 minutes. This event raised in excess of £2,000. More recently, on Friday 6th January a Quiz Night was organised in the College refectory with over 150 parents and staff present. Mr Hutley kindly offered to...
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  • Equipe Prefects for 2017 introduced at assemblies.

    Equipe Prefects for 2017 introduced at assemblies.

    This week's assemblies have given our four equipes the chance to introduce their new prefects for the coming year. They are: Brunel    Lucy Downes and Ben Pollard Da Vinci   Sonya Sinadinova and Andrew Hewins Goethe    Michelle del Carretto and Holly Bowles Pascal    Eva Radukic and Rob Palmer-Fenny Good luck to them all, and their equipes as the Vine Cup (which is currently held by Brunel) competition continues, currently Pascal is narrowly ahead of the field.
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  • New Prefect Team for 2017

    New Prefect Team for 2017

      Congratulations to all of our new prefects, in particular the new Prefect Leadership Team of Griff Williams-Renouf and Zoe Foster their deputies Sam Tatchell, Katya Byng, Joe Hoult and Maia Dilloway.  
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