How to obtain IB results

Students may access their results from the IB website from 13.45GMT on 6 July using individual PINs issued.  It is recommended that candidates use Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer to access the website.

If a student narrowly misses a University offer

Get in contact with Hockerill Anglo-European College during the week beginning 7th July 2014.

The College could, for example, send a letter or e-mail in support to the relevant university.  Often final decisions will not be taken by universities until A- level results are published and Clearing opens on Thursday, 14th August.

Where to get advice

If parents / guardians and students wish to discuss either results or a university admission, a team of senior staff will be available for consultation until Friday, 11th July.  Appointments may be made by contacting reception.

Requesting a re-mark

·         When results are accessed, students will be able to view their overall total mark by subject together with details of lower and upper boundaries for the grade awarded.  A re-mark request may be considered if the mark achieved is within close proximity of the upper grade boundary. This will need to be authorised by a senior member of staff.

·         As a re-mark may result in the award of a lower grade, candidates will need to sign a Consent Form which is available on request or may be downloaded from the College website.

·         Re-marks can only be requested for a subject, not individual external examination papers.

·         Re-marking does not include Multiple Choice Papers or Internal Assessment.

·         There is no guarantee that a re-mark outcome will be received before Clearing on Thursday, 14th August, neither is there any guarantee that requesting a re-mark will help secure a university place if a student narrowly misses a conditional offer.

·         Students will be notified by e-mail of the outcome of re-mark requests by the College as soon as possible after this information is received from the IBO.  Candidates may also check the results website using their PIN for any change of grade.

Fees for re-marks

£64.00 per subject plus a one-off £10.00 administrative fee is payable.

Both payment and a signed Consent form are required before any request can be processed.

Requests must be received by Friday, 12th September in order to meet the IBO deadline.


Very occasionally, students wish to re-sit one or more of their IB examinations, either in the November or May session.

Students should contact the College for details of deadlines and fees.


Students missing both offers are entitled to enter ‘Clearing’ though UCAS.  The Clearing system advertises vacancies for degree courses; decisions are made quickly by universities, often on the same day when contacted directly.  Courses can be applied for through Clearing regardless of which subject an applicant originally applied for.   Information regarding Clearing is available at or by telephoning UCAS on 0870 1122211.  Help or advice in understanding the process may be obtained by contacting the Higher Education department.

UCAS also offers an ‘Adjustment’ service.  This allows students who have exceeded the entry standards of the universities to which they originally applied to re-apply, between 14th August and 31st August, to universities with higher entry requirements.  However, it is unlikely that top universities will have any places available for competitive courses and some may have publicly stated their decision to opt out of this process entirely.  Further information regarding ‘Adjustment’ is available at